Client Basic Training

USSD Code for Money24/7: *120*37566#

Access your Money24/7 e-wallet for the first time

TIP: Remember when you log in for the first time on the USSD platform you creat your own 5 digit PIN.

How to check your e-wallet balance

TIP: It is possible to check your balance at any ATM but it is very expensive. Rather use your Money24/7 e-wallet to check your balance.

Pay another Money24/7 client from your e-wallet

TIP: Please make sure you type the correct mobile number for the person you want to pay. This person must have a Money24/7 e-wallet before you can use this function.

R1000 monthly discount Coupons - English

TIP: Check this great new offering. All our Valued Money24/7 members now receive R500 more coupons to the value of R1000 every month.

R1000 monthly discount Coupons - Shona

TIP: Onai makuwerere aripano. Senhengo ye Money24// unogona kuwana macoupons eR1000 mwedzi woga woga.