Scan Payments for Businesses

No matter what business you are in, you can use the app to improve your efficiency and lower your costs.  Wholesalers, retailers, service providers, government entities, NGOs, educational institutions, religious organisations, charities, clubs, etc., can benefit from Scan Payments in numerous ways.

2% maximum fee on all payments received

Instant value

Single payment collection system

What exactly is a scan payment?

QR code is one of the most prominent modes of cashless payments that are used across the globe. QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response and is nothing but a two-dimensional code. For an individual to scan to pay a QR code you will need a smartphone and the Money247 App.

  • Scan a QR code with your Money247 App to make instant payments.
  • Create and send your own QR code to receive instant payments.
  • Every QR code comes with auto-generated numbers which also serve as your QR code.
  • Unable to scan? Use your auto-generated number to make an instant payment.

Why use Money247 For Business?

Speedpoint Sale

We provide a desktop acquiring POS device that is fully integrated with miBusiness and ideal for retail outlets with multiple payment points.

API Integration

Organisational back-end systems can integrate with the app through the Trustlink Open Banking Platform, using APIs, if required.


Your money is safe – Scan Payments uses FSCA regulated technology to protect the money in your account

Payment collection

We offer your organization various cost-efficient alternatives to collect payments from your customers, including:

Pre-printed Payment Codes (on order)

Printed Masterpass QR codes are available from the Scan Payment app.  These codes can be ordered by making a request on our support form and comes with display stand options. Once received, these QR codes you would simply link the code received to your account by using miBusiness Portal (see below).

Self-created Payment (QR) Codes

Using your miBusiness Portal, you can create and print your own QR codes and mount the codes as you would like, for display at your tills.  You can also display your QR codes on your website for payment, or insert them on your invoices.

Money247 App

Money247 Scan Payment is a simple to use mobile app that is ideal when you have one or more mobile payment collection points, for example, in restaurants, take away deliveries and payment on delivery situations. The payments collected by the roving staff all come in to your account and notifications of successful payments are provided.