Money 24/7 Scan Payments

It's like cash


but safer and more convenient

Money received is visible and immediately available

When someone says that he has paid you, it sometimes takes a day or two for you to see the money in your bank account. Even if you’ve received a proof of payment it doesn’t mean that the money is in your account and available to spend. 

You are notified of all payments made into your account and the money is available immediately for you to use.

Pay or send money to anyone, anytime - wherever you are

Have you ever needed to withdraw cash to pay someone? What a hassle!

You can use your Money Manager app to send cash to any mobile phone number, for the recipient to withdraw at a Nedbank or FNB ATM. Even easier, if you can convince the person to quickly download and register for Money Manager, the cost of making the payment will be much less and the money would be available immediately to the recipient, wherever he may be.

Buy groceries, deposit and withdraw cash at Shoprite & Checkers stores

Have you ever had a trolley full of goods at the till before realising that you left your wallet or purse at home?  No worries, you can now shop by using your mobile phone. If you are short of money on your phone you can, in less than 30 seconds, load money from your bank account and pay for your goods. Paying has never been this easy.

You can use the app at any Shoprite/Checkers/Usave till, by providing a number created by your Money Manager app.  You simply provide the number to the till operator, or key the number in on the speedpoint key pad.

Where you see this sign, you can pay with the Money Manager app!

Payments using mobile apps are becoming more popular by the day.  In South Africa, the introduction of  a standardised QR code (Masterpass), that can be scanned by numerous mobile payments apps, has enabled the widespread usage of cellphones to make payments.  

The possibilities are endless. You can already purchase from anyone using his the Money Manager app to create a payment request (a Masterpass QR code).  You can also spend at more than 150 000 pay points across South Africa where Money Manager, Masterpass, Zapper or Snapscan signage is displayed.  You can also pay on any website, as well pay an invoice, where a Masterpass QR codes is displayed.

Empower your employees

You can make an active contribution to the well being of fellow South Africans by introducing them to the Money Manager app. 

Your employees get a free account, accessible from their mobile phone, and can use their mobile to send money home, buy goods in stores and withdraw cash – day and night, wherever they are.

Make life a little easier for yourself and others

Buying prepaid airtime and data has become an essential part of the lives of many people. 

You can buy airtime and data wherever you are.  You can also do the same for others in your household or in your workplace, meaning that they do not need to drive or walk to get to a place where they can top up their phones.

Besides the ease, lightning speed and convenience of using the app, you are also not charged a fee for making airtime and data purchases within the app.

Get started!

Money 24/7 Scan Payments for the individual

Why use Scan Payments?

  • Your money is safe – Scan Payments uses an FSCA regulated technology to protect the money in your account
  • No monthly fees, no minimum balance required, and no hidden fees –  where possible, fees payable are presented to you for your authorisation
  • No money is ever taken out of your account without your authorisation – e.g. charges, penalties or debit orders
  • You earn interest on your daily balance

What can I do with Scan Payments?

  • Get paid instantly for a product or service provided (you can be paid by Money Manager and Instapay users, users of bank apps, Zapper and Snapscan users, etc)
  • Receive money into your account, wherever and whenever you need it, from family or friends
  • Provide money-in/money-out services to other users
  • Buy airtime, data and sms bundles in your app for your own use,  or buy and sell to others
  • Create payment requests  for others to pay you.  Requests can also be sent to others via SMS, WhatsApp or email.  These requests can be paid using a variety of payment mechanisms
  • Buy from any merchant or service provider that displays a QR code with the Masterpass logo (at till, on website or on bill) – over 160 000 merchants
  • Send money to dependants, family, friends, informal service providers, etc.
  1. If the recipient is a Scan Payment user you can send money directly to his/her account
  2. If the recipient does not have access to, you can send a cash voucher to his/her phone via SMS, to withdraw at selected ATMs

Money 24/7 Scan Payments for Businesses

No matter what business you are in, you can use the app to improve your efficiency and lower your costs.  Wholesalers, retailers, service providers, government entities, NGOs, educational institutions, religious organisations, charities, clubs, etc., can benefit from Scan Payments in numerous ways.

2% maximum fee on all payments received

Instant value

Single payment collection system

Payment collection

We offer your organisation various cost-efficient alternatives to collect payment from your customers, including:

Pre-printed Payment Codes (on order)

Printed Masterpass QR codes are available from the Scan Payment app.  These codes can be ordered by making a request on our support form and comes with display stand options. Once received, these QR codes you would simply link the code received to your account by using miBusiness Portal (see below).

Self-created Payment Codes

Using your miBusiness Portal, you can create and print your own QR codes and mount the codes as you would like, for display at your tills.  You can also display your QR codes on your website for payment, or insert them on your invoices.

Scan Payment app

Scan Payment is a simple to use mobile app that is ideal when you have one or more mobile payment collection points, for example, in restaurants, take away deliveries and payment on delivery situations. The payments collected by the roving staff all come in to your account and notifications of successful payments are provided.

SmartPos device

We provide a desktop acquiring device that is fully integrated with miBusiness and ideal for retail outlets with multiple payment points.

API integration

Organisational back-end systems can integrate with CHIPS through the Trustlink Open Banking Platform, using APIs, if required.

Cost of payment collection:

2% of transaction value, plus VAT
(excluding cost of POS device, if required)

A payment administration system (miBusiness)

miBusiness is a web portal designed for organisations to manage their payment receipts and to make payments from the funds received.  The portal offers functions typically performed within a finance function, including large-value payments as well as bulk payments such as salary payments and supplier settlements.

miBusiness provides the following features for organisations and commercial entities:

  • A single payment collection destination for all payments made to your organisation or business, including the Money Management Scan Payments app, mobile, instant EFT, and card payments
  • Create payment requests (single or in bulk) and distributes the requests to your customers
  • Pay wages / salaries to your staff (single or in bulk)
  • Pay suppliers and service providers (single or in bulk)
  • Make immediate transfers to the organisation’s bank accounts
  • Enable cash on delivery
  • Improve liquidity utilisation due to incoming funds being applied to your account immediately on receipt, thereby eliminating clearing delays applicable in traditional payments systems
  • Invite customers, suppliers, employees, etc. to join the Money Management Scan Payment app (single or in bulk)
  • Export data in Excel or csv format
  • Manage your staff’s access to system functions as well as their authorisation levels

Cost of payment collection:

2% of transaction value, plus VAT
(excluding cost of POS device, if required)