Discount Grocery Coupons

Save up to R1000 on your monthly grocery’s by using our grocery discount coupons which are redeemable at selected Shoprite, Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores.  

As a Valued Money24/7 Loyalty Member you have access to all these Incredible Grocery Discount Coupons.

Redeemable at:

Your Coupon barcode is a 16 digit code, that the cashier enters at the till in order to give you the discounted coupon savings that you have selected on this site.

The coupon barcode works exactly like a product barcode and needs to be entered on the till by the cashier manually like they would normally enter a product barcode number that does not scan.

You can browse all the available Coupons in your channel of choice. Only 1 coupon code per denomination needs to be entered at the till

eg: 1 x  R2 code and 1 x  R3 code needs to be entered only once, irrespective of how many R2 and/or R3 products are purchased.

Visit a selected Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper store to buy the products you have coupons for. Once your items have been scanned, tell the cashier you have a barcode coupon and the cashier will enter the barcode on the till.

Your barcode coupon will remain valid until the end of the current calendar month. You can easily generate a new one if it expires.

You will need to have cell phone network coverage and available data in order to generate your Barcode coupon.

You need signal and airtime to get your Coupon Barcode coupons. Use the SMS we send you with your Barcode coupon to get