Free Funeral Assistance

Monthly cost per member is FREE. Age at entry: 18 to 69 years.

Please note that age at entry above refers to the actual age of the principal member at entry into the scheme.


Minimum and maximum age at entry: The minimum age at entry for a principal member is 18 years. The maximum age at entry for a principal member is 69 years.

Maximum benefits payable: In cases where a member is registered under more than one rewards plan, the maximum payable on any one registered member, above the age of 14 will be R 10,000.

Condition for payment of benefits: Benefits will only be payable while the Rewards Membership is active. The program and benefits work on a full calendar month.

Qualifying period: A qualifying period will apply for death due to suicide from the day that a member is accepted onto the program or, where there is an increase in benefits, from the date of increase but only in respect of the increased benefit amount. Death due to accidental causes is not subject to the qualifying period. The qualifying period for natural deaths is 6 months and suicide 24 months.

Claim notification period: There will be a 6 month claim notification period. Claims will need to be submitted within 6 months of the deceased’s date of death in order for the claim to be valid.

Information Required at Claims Stage

  • A membership certificate
  • A completed claim form
  • Proof of banking details of the beneficiary.
  • The original or certified copies of the identity documents or Passports of the deceased and the beneficiary.
  • The original or certified copy of the death certificate.
  • A police report in the case of accidental death if death occurred in the first six months after inception of the membership.
  • Any other documents/reports which the underwriter needs to assess the claim
  • The Administrator has the right to put off paying a claim on any member who enjoy benefits under this program until all requirements have been met.

Territorial Limits

Benefits under this program in respect of any member shall terminate if the Principle Member concerned resides for a continuous period exceeding three months outside of South Africa.


  • A Principal Member(s) means any person who satisfies the eligibility requirements on or after the commencement date.

Disclosure in respect of Funeral Assistance

The free funeral benefit offered by Money 247 Rewards is underwritten by a registered South African Insurer, a contract between Money 247 Rewards and the Insurer directly. The Company reserves the Rights to change their Insurer at any time.

Information Required

The following information will be required from each member to take out funeral assistance on this program:

  • Name and surname of the member and each of the immediate family members.
  • ID number or a valid Passport number.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Name and surname of nominated beneficiary.
  • Contact phone number of the nominated beneficiary


A member and dependents are required to be permanently resident in the Republic of South Africa to be included under this program. Benefits under this rewards program in respect of the principal member and his/her dependents, immediate family members, parents or extended family members shall terminate if the principal member resides for a continuous period exceeding three months outside of South Africa.

The following exclusions and limitations apply in respect of all benefit plans offered in terms of this program in respect of the registered members:

No benefits shall be granted, or benefits paid in the event of the death of any member resulting directly or indirectly from, or which is attributable to, attempted suicide or suicide during the first 24 (twenty-four) months from the inception date in respect of each member.

The program will provide that no benefit will be payable in the event of death occurring as a direct or indirect consequence of:

  • Active participation in war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion assuming the proportions of, or amounting to an uprising, military or usurper power (To seize, take over or occupy without right and hold by force or without legal authority).
  • The use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, or any radio-active contamination; or attacks on or sabotage of facilities (including, but not limited to, nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants, final repository sites and research reactors) and storage depots, which lead to the release of radio-activity or nuclear, biological or chemical warfare agent.
  • Irrespective whether any of the aforesaid has been performed with the specific use of information technology, no claim instituted shall be recognized or entertained unless written notice of such claim was received within 12 (twelve) months after the death of the member.