Do you have a Garnish Order against your Salary?

Did you pay off a Garnishing Order in the last 3 Years?

You have come to the right place!

Our team will investigate at their own risk:

  • All current Garnishee Orders deduction from employees’ salaries.
  • All Garnishee Orders which have been paid-up during the past three years.


NOTE: There is No Cost or Risk on your side

How does the service work?

  • Employee contact Novum Investments by phone or email.
  • An Agreement is signed between the Employee and Novum Investments. The documents include:
    • The Retainer Agreement.
    • Debt Ceding Agreement.

The employee cedes the debit in question to Novum Investments. This allows Novum Investments to legally go to Court without wasting the Employees time.

In the event that the action to defend the Garnishee Order is not successful, the Ceding Agreement are automatically cancelled at no cost to client.

  • Employer Information Authorisation.

This authorise the Employer to give Novum Investments all documents and information regarding the Garnishee Order and all payments deducted from the employee’s salary.

  • Employee email all the Garnishee Order documentation to Novum Investments or Novum Investments acquire the documentation from the Employers HR Department using the Employer Information Authorisation document.
  • Novum Investments investigate the Order and documentation.
  • Novum investments arrange that a courier collect the original documentation from the employee.
  • Novum Investments give the Instruction to MacDonald Attorneys.
  • The Attorney request the Court to:
    • Rescind the illegal required Garnishee order. (with reference to a resent High Court Case 100% of current and paid-up Garnishee Orders were required through illegal procedures).
    • Grant a Court Order that all money paid through the illegal Garnishee Orders must be repaid immediately.
  • The Attorney recover all money paid by the employee with the Court Order.
  • Clear the employee’s name with all credit agencies.
  • Pay back the recovered moneys to the employee.
  • Novum Investments oversee all the payments.
  • Novum Investments assist the employee if the creditor decides to institute new claims against the employee to make sure all new claims is legal and only for the actual amounts according to legislation.

The whole process from when all original documents was received till the funds are recovered normally takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on Court dates.

What will it cost the Employer and or the Employee?
  • As Novum Investments supply the services at own risk, it will not cost the Employer anything.
  • Novum Investments and the Employee will enter into an agreement where Novum Investments will receive a retainer of 30% of all money recovered which enable Novum Investments to pays for all the legal costs and to cover administration costs.

    Where do I start?

    Please complete the form below stating as much details as possible and we will be in touch with you.